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Confederations Cup

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Well like anybody else I was shocked to see the USA beat Spain (currently ranked number 1 in the world) by 2 goals to 0. They played with so much grit and determination and in some places flair which the Spanish couldn't deal with, they just couldn't get into their passing game.

Tonight is the other semi-final game, Brazil vs South Africa and one I am looking very forward to as these have been the 2 most exciting teams in the competition. Now I have been following South Africa throughout this and think it would be brilliant for them to win this game and establish themselves as a major force ahead of next years world cup, also it would be great to see USA vs South Africa in the final of a cup which included teams like Italy, Spain and Brazil. This would also leave an incredible 3rd place play off game between Spain and Brazil.

Thoughts ahead of the South Africa vs Brazil game? Who do you want to win and why?