Condoms, expiration date question?

Okay so I got sum condoms and the expiration date just says 09-2010.

What the heck? I heard they only last like 3 months, and it says they’re good for 2 more years?

Answer #1

different condoms have different expirery dates some of them will be good for 2 years but as bimjob said, only if you store them correctly and yes, carrying them in your wallet will wear them out, making them weaker and a lot less effecting

Answer #2

If they are stored properly they last at least til the expiration date. Do not carry them in your wallet. Do not leave them where they will get hot. If they aren’t stored properly and they do degrade, that usually means that they break during use - then it’s time for Plan B (the emergency contraceptive). Good Luck!!

Answer #3

They’re good until expiry, but if you find that they’re dried out, don’t use them

Answer #4

you bought suuuppperrr condoms

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