What could happen if i had a condom stuck inside of me?

me and my boyfriend where drunk and we had sex and the condom got stuck inside of me for like a day, I dint know I had the condom inside of me and the next day I got my period and when I took my tampon out the condom came out but I had had my period for the whole day and it wasnt the first tampon that I took out, what could happen, and if the bleeding was my period or something else?

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I doubt whether it is serious but if you are worried then you could see a doc. However depending on how long it has been since it happened, you probably know if there were any consequences by now. The only thing likely to happen is that you got a bit of an infection.

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well i guess you might want to schedule a doctors appointment and quick to find out and i know it might be akward but this is very important to get seen

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I say go see a doctor seriously this could be someting extremely serious

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