Can she be pregnant if the condom didn't break?

I had sex about a month ago with my girlfriend. now she is having upset stomach things. she is not on birth control but we did use a condom and it didnt break... USED CONDOM AND IT DID NOT BREAK... what are the odds that she is pregnant??? please help

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If the condom didn't break (and there were no holes in it or anything) then she's probably worrying about nothing. Condoms are barrier methods, as long as it kept you ejaculate from going inside you then it did it's job.

If some spilt out, then she also runs the risk of getting pregnant.
Condoms are only about 80% effective and have a pretty high failure rate. You should suggest to her to get on some type of a more reliable birth control like a hormonal option (the pill, the patch, IUD etc)

I bet Aunt Flo will be coming along, she could just have food poisoning. If she misses her period, then it's time to get a pregnancy test.

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Dear robsgotquestions,
There is no birth control that is 100% safe. So anytime you have sex you are at a risk. How high is that risk? You cannot accurately predict that because of so many different scenarios. If you are not ready to be in that 1%-20% of getting pregnant and becoming a parent than you are not ready to have sex. It comes with a risk each and every time.
Sue...good luck

Can you get pregnant if the condom didn''t break?
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Condoms have a high failure rate? They're the most reliable form of contraception out there! The pill has way more of a chance of failing for any number of reasons like if she is sick, forgets a pill,has the runs, takes them too late, tries to run three packs together in one go to only have one period every three months,etc etc etc. A condom will only fail if a really old one was used, that increases its chance of splitting greatly, it was not put on properly, you entered her or your precum covered penis may have touched her down there before you put he condom on,or,and this is the least likely to happen if you use a good brand of condom and it is a new one, it splits during intercourse. The 80% failure rate is totally inaccurate. Your girlfriend is not likely to be pregnant at all unless there was damage to the condom in some way, it wasn't put on properly, or you got precum on her down there before putting the condom on.

Can I be pregnant if the condom did not break?
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Hmm...not liky if she is not on the pill then her prieod's are porble just unrecular =] x

What are the chances of being pregnant when you use a condom?

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