What is the concept of language?

Based on a communication studies question

Answer #1

That is a weird one that I have never pondered before. My best answer is that it is an intellectual way of communicating that humans came up with to effectively share information with each other.

Answer #2

Thanks :)

Answer #3

Language is a systemat to communicate ideas, experiences and other information. It could be said that many species of animals and even plants “communicate” in some fashion. For example, the desert sage bush puts out a chemical through its roots preventing other plants (including other sage bushes) from entering its “territory.” That is a very basic form of “communication.”

The success of the human species lies in its remarkable ability to formalize “communication” into a structured “language.” Language allows us to learn the successes and mistakes of another person, without having to repeat those successes and mistakes ourselves. It also allows us to learn another individual’s complex emotions and ideas, then to build on those ideas ourselves.

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