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Computer question for rnealw

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Hi Rodney... I just read your profile and saw that you were a genius with computers. I have some issues that I surely could use some help with, if you don't mind, and have time.

I recently added vonage to my system, and in the middle of the transaction, something happened to my internet explorer page, Aol came on top of it. I had two diff. technicians on the phone at the time, one in India, helping with the vonage, the other in the states, helping with my local highspeed, I asked them what happened, the local man said that aol tries to take over everything, and he mentioned that I might want to uninstall aol and reinstall it. When I did this, I tried several diff. disks trying to find the same version that I previously had, I finally found one that was right, but, in the process, my address book, pictures & filing cabinet, are not accessible.

I found a folder on the desktop that had all the versions that I loaded back onto the computer, I deleted 3 of them, because the numbers don't match, I still have them in the trash can, afraid to completely delete them, until I get things back the way they were.

there are two that are left in the folder, one slightly diff. from the other, and I don't know which is right.

I have been afraid to do anything else, until I found someone to help me walk thru it.

Question, should I uninstall what is working now, and reinstall it?


use one of the versions in the file?

Since I have not done this before, I don't know how to deal with the stored file.

If you can help me, I surely would appreciate it.

Sincerely, Gayla S.