computer love or long distances or huh?

Is going out with someone over the computer a good idea? Someone just asked me out and I said yes I really like him though and like I’ve been talking to him a little bit but he lives like states away so is it a good idea?

Answer #1

Computer relationship? Hmm I’ve never dated someone that I can’t see and spend time with. I think long distance relationships are so difficult to keep up with. But its up to u :) Whatever floats yer boat. Theres nothing wrong with it.

Answer #2

he could be anybody, but since your not like meeting him places or sending him dirty pics of you, I guess its cool. But you never know what going on over there, so its not a real relationship, I think your just calling each other boyfriend and girlfriend.

Answer #3

I think long distance relationships work but at the end they fall because you are never together .. unless in the future you were to be with him … Also you must have lots of trust … you cant be accusing them of cheating on you .. its take hard work to make it work ..

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