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okay so when me and my boyfriend are hanging out he is alwys like "hey beautiful" or, "god, your pretty" (when were just laying down talking and what not). he always compliments me, and I love it...I want to do the same to him. but I don't know what to say. I'm not in looove with him -we've only been dating for like 2 weeks, I do really like him, and I want him to know that. I feel like after he compliments me, he's kind of waiting for a reply. but I have no clue what to say, like some times I'll be like "youuu too =)" if he says something cute. but I know that's lame, and I just wanna how him that I like him, and that I care.

I can't tell him that he's "beautiful", so what DO I say?!

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yeah I agree with mandyloo I always tell my boy hes sexy & he loves it. and if your together and he says something smile really big and hug or kiss him. and for telling him how you really feel just be straight forward tell him you really like him and that you like him telling you all that stuff. he'll love to hear it.

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Your sexy
Your handsome
I love that shirt on you
That shirt really shows off your muscles (if he has them)
That color really brings out your eyes

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