completely new to skating

hey I just got a skateboard today and my friend told me to get a plan b or almost (he has a plan b) so I got a plan b and I have no idea how to go about doing an ollie I mean of course I know everything to do it but I know im going to screw it up, any tips??

Answer #1

lots of practice thats all i can say go 2 an empty car park and start of by getting ur balance right first coz you can end up getting hurt trust me roller blading and bmx ing was the way i went coz i fell on my ass 1 to many tymz all i can say is keep trying and hope 2 c you on tv sumday.

Answer #2

you skate!thats so cool!;] …oh.sorry if a ugly girl is saying this.;[ ._.

Answer #3

Hi, I answered “How do I do an Ollie”. Go check that out if your having trouble!

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