What is Communism ? and what countries are under communism?

Answer #1

communism consists of such sayings as.. in soviet russia, u no drive car, car drive you! or… in soviet russia, u no find party, party find you!… that my friend is communism!

Answer #2

communism - a form of socialism that abolishes private ownership

China, Cuba, Laos, North Korea, and Vietnam

Answer #3

community-ism all property and business is owned by either all the people or just the government. there are dictionary definitions, but i believe you have to live in one to fully understand it so i hope someone will answer this question because i am curious too. do people have an income? can they buy whatever they like? do they pay taxes? so many questions.

Answer #4

communism is ruling system where the authority all of it belongs to government & there is no private ownership only puplic ownership

Answer #5

Think of life on a commune….where all labor, and all the fruits of that labor go for ALL….even those who did as little as possible.

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