Is it common to be extremely hungry after giving blood?

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hahaha yeah. and dizzy too. eat something but nothing too greasy :)

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I wasnt dizzy at all im just starving DX ive already ate a yogurt, muffin, banana, and cookies

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hungry? i doubt... just weak and dizzy.

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haha yeah not everybody gets dizzy. Hungry is normal tho:) eat away! have fun :P

mean if your period blood is kinda brown?

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Yep it sure does, makes u feel like u haven't eaten for days, next time eat right b4 u do it

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i ate 30mins before i did it but it was just a small salad. Next time ill be sure to get my snack on before i let them take blood

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I read that your not suppose to give blood when your hungry or on a low calorie diet to eat a healthly meal no more than 4 hours prior to given blood.
it strikes me as odd that you are so hungry, its possible that your mistaking hunger for thirst even if you aren't thirsty, blood is good portion water.

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It better to eat more solid of a food, a salad doesn't help much, try a turkey sandwich or something like that

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Im not on a low calorie diet and i wasnt hungry before i gave blood. I have been pounding down water and it hasnt helped my stomach from growling. Ive ate a few things and it has helped

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i mean i guess in your case try eating something with lots of iron in it to make up for the iron you lost when given blood or maybe something like a meal to fill you up more.

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alright ill do that thank you

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also i wasn't accusing you of being hungry prior or being on a low cal diet i was just informing you on what i had read, for future reference to maybe help out. i don't have good experience with given blood since i don't weight enough but i have a few times in the past.

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Or if this is ur first time donateing blood and that's the reaction u got u may get that reaction every time u donate

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Yeah cause you have just given away some of your vitamins and your sugar level drops. That's why they usually give you cookies at a blood clinic to restore the sugars.

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ya you feel kinda dizzy..if your weak your vision will blur and yes its very normal to feel extremely hungry after giving blood:)

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drink a lot of liquids :)

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i know i was very hungry after giving blood but that may be cause the nurse f***ed up and poked me with the needle about eight times until she could finally get some blood out. i almost kinda fainted but she fixed me up by giving me candy. Later on I ate alooooot!

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well i didnt feel dizzy or have blurry vision just ungry

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It always made me thirsty. I drank 2 bottles of water after donating blood.

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Yes, because you took something out of your body, so you just need some food to replace it.

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