Would this comment be classed as a threat?

let me tell you something tell that sh*it face to face with a filipino let’s see how far can you go (even filipinos in korea) then later in another comment he trys to say its a dare, saying I dont know the different between a threat and a dare.

I would say this is an indirect threat, he is immplying that if i say say (what i said on another post on another site) to a filipinos face something may happen maybe something small like yelling and cussing or even a punch or even worse.

Answer #1

It could be taken as a slight form of threat but I dont see it as a dare. Perhaps a insult to a Fillipino. The fact that they are saying “how far you can go”, is as if hes saying their animals or monsters or something horrific. Its more of something that would belong under immature content. This person is just being silly.

Answer #2

I would not really think of it as a threat, it does seem more like a dara, or anger comment. He said let’s see how far you can go, he didn’t exaclty say he was going to do something to make sure the filipino does not get far. It could have been a threat, but in my opinion, I dont see it as one.

Answer #3

An indirect one. Or it could be a dare. I suppose it is a matter of interpretation. Either way, what difference does it make, we all know it was meant as a threat.

Answer #4

All in all its on youtube, and behinde a comp, ppl talking and acting tough* but the reason i belive he then called it a dare is cuz i caught him out. because if he considered it as a dare why not jsut say I dare u to say it. IDK…Damn youtube xD but i love it so much xD

Answer #5

Um… Yeah, that would be classified as a thret!

Answer #6

well….they love guy commenting to me keeps saying im assuming he is threating me…and that assuming is a sign of mental retrardation.

Answer #7

To me, it’s more of a dangerous dare. He’s daring you becaus he knows it will start a fight.

Answer #8

so an indirect threat becuz he dont have the guts to say, if u say this to me or other filipinos u will get hurt. and in all honesty, show the tonacity of this man.

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