Who is the best comedian?

Answer #1

You know I can just give you my List of good comedians: Jim Geffigan Eddie Izzard Jeff Foxwothey Bill Ingvall Lary the Cable Guy Adam Sandler Bob Saget Jay Leno Conan O’Brian Carrotop Galleger Mick Myers Dana Carvy Dan Cook Tim Alen Bill Cosby Jim Carry Jery Sinfeld Rodny Dangerfeld David Letterman Gorge Lopez Ron White Chris Rock Chris Tucker Eddie Murphy Joan Rivers Gorge Carlin Chris Farly Roseanne Bar Ellen Degnnrse Richard Pryor Rossei O’Donald Dave Cooleyay Robbin Williams Will Farell Gorge Burrns Milton Berle Ben Stiller Vinc Vauhn Jay Moore Rob Shnider Gillda Radner Keanen Thomson Steave Martin Tracy Morgan Martain Lawrence Chevy Chase Jim Belushi John Belushi Dan Acroy David Spade Paully Shore Don Deluise and that is abot all!

Answer #2

Gilbert Gottfried beyond a doubt. To be honest, I think comedy is dead. There are too many Howard Sterns trying to appeal to retards unfunny shock statements and not enough Bob Newharts and Johnathan Winters who either poke magnificent fun at the way people are or who are just plain hilarious wing nuts. If they want to be outrageous they should take a lesson from Redd Foxx or Moms Mabley. Some other comedians who aren’t have bad compared to the kings of comedy would be Chris Rock, Eddie Murphy and Craig Ferguson.

Answer #3

out of todays comedians my fav. r Chelsea handler , jeff dunham, ralhpie may, katt Williams , Dane cook*, loni love, and George lopez is alrite too

Answer #4

George Lopez ‘ stand up. Hands down.

Answer #5

clearly some people need to see some dave chappelle stand up, and dave attell was probably the best show I’ve seen

Answer #6

geoorge carlin he died but he was the best

Answer #7

I love eddie murphy and jim carey

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