Columbine School Shooting

Ok you know that school shooting that happened today (the Columbine school shooting) do you think the students planned and did it on purpose that they did it today being Adolf Hitlers birthday or do you think it was just a coincodence.

Answer #1

there were no coincidences in that shooting, every thing was planned perfectly

moment of silence for those lost

Answer #2

its hitlers b-day? and yes I think that every shotting school or even the presadent (no I am NOT planing on shooting him) is planed because if it wasent planed then they wouldent of thaught that the could get away with it they wouldent of done it if they woulednt of thatught that they could of gotten away with it


Answer #3

I think it was a coquincidence. And thy did do it on purpose. And killed themselves afterwards. Theres a video on youtube with real footage from the schools survaliance system of the masacare.( I’ve’e seen it and its tragic) And theres also a song by flyleaf called - Cassie which is about columbine shootng.

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