the color teal another color to go with it?

I am having a summer wedding in 2010. I love the color teal and it is def gonna be a color in my wedding, but I want another color to go with it. Any suggestions other than black or white.

Answer #1

Any earthly color, brown, white, cream will look gorgeous with teal.

Answer #2

oh sorry I totally wrote till instead of teal

Answer #3

What did you say the color was?

Answer #4

Okay, try going with browns, golds, reds, or blues :)

Answer #5

will blue go with teal

Answer #6

Teal is gorgeous! Cream-colored (lighter than beige) could be good, because it wouldn’t dominate. It depends on the exact shade of teal. (Actually, a good paint store could probably help - if you went in with a fabric sample and asked what colors would go with it… mind you, you might end up buying paint!)

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