Is college overrated??

Answer #1

overrated in terms of?

For me, college is highschool with more freedom, more learning, and more people. I loved college, but based on my experience and priorities, it is school, not parties and stuff.

Answer #2

I’ve never been to college, obviously, but in my opinion there are certain things you’ll run into in life where you’re gonna go “hey i really wish i went to college so i couldve done this” my dad didnt go to college, he joined the marines. he was lucky because he had experience and was able to get a good job, but now a days u have to have a scholarship for almost every job. the government hired my dad because he had worked in jails and as a security guard in malls and he was in the marines, so he got really lucky. but now he wouldve had to have a scholarship. get it? my advice is go to college, or you will regret in some future point in your life.

Answer #3

*more mature, too… less drama for sure. People are there because they WANT to be… so no one screws around

Answer #4

no… I didnt find it as amazing as I thought it would be in high school, as in, I did not get three day weekends like I was lead to believe and it was more work and less fun (my fault for doing a science degree!) but it wasnt overrated. It has provided me with a lot of skills that will enable me to work in the area that I love. Pursuing a higher degree means I am in an amazing environment, spending time daily with people who are leaders in their fields of research. Its hard sometimes but really rewarding.

Answer #5

lol … right.

Answer #6

Hmm well.. I have a G.E.D. and I make just over 100k a year. Meanwhile my cousin who has a 4 year degree currently works managing a restaurant for about 35k a year. College is great if you want to be an employee. If you want to run a business its entirely unnecessary. All the good bits you would learn from say.. a business degree, can be obtained by just reading a book. And you wouldnt burn up years of your life doing electives that dont have jack to do with your degree and are just designed to pad the pockets of the university owners ;-)

Answer #7

Overrated as in like those frat movies, with the parties and whatnot. :P

Answer #8

they do parties alot but when it comes to work they pay attention realizing they paid money ..i wouldn’t say OVERRATED but it can get out of hands with college students..u chose to party no one forces u. try not to go and focus on school work its better

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