What college(s) did you go to, are going to, or want to go to?

haha I never know how to pose a question to multiple age groups.

Answer #1

Well, I’m in Canada haha so you will probably have not heard of the schools here, but in Canada, our universities are like your colleges and our colleges like you universities, so university here is the theoretical one and college is the more practical one. I go to York University I hate it, I wanted to go to OCAD, it’s a University famous for the arts, but when I was applying for universities I had not finished my portfolio yet :(

Answer #2

Pretty much what Janice said On her defenition on university for canada! And I am interested in going to laurier or York for buisness (more York)

Answer #3

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Answer #4

For the us probably west virginia ubiversity

Answer #5

If I get accepted then I’ll go to UNLV (Univirsity of Nevada, Las Vegas), if not then CSN (College of Southern Nevada).

Answer #6

I’m currently attending NLC (Northern Lights College) in Canada. It is mostly a trade school but there are academic courses offered as well.

Answer #7

Ive Visited UCLA and stayed there for a whole week of course in California.

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