Why does cold weather make a broken bone hurt?

Answer #1

Well if it has a scar thats why. When the weather changes, so does your skin. When it gets hot your skin swells, when it gets cold it shrinks. but scr tissue does not do that, so the tissue around it pulls nd tug at the scar tissue, causing discomfort/pain.

Answer #2

But I just broke it last week and I still have on a cast and it hurts.

Answer #3

well its still broken then and ofcourse there will be discomfort haha. give it a month or more (depending what you broke) and the discomfort will go away, right now the bone in mending and trying to go back to what it was. also when the weather changes like i said so does other things, in the case of a broken bone the pressure changes and the bone is more sensitive now that it is broken so it can feel it more than other parts of the body.

Answer #4

I has to do with reduced blood flow, muscle contraction and sometimes shivering that the cold causes. What cupkate described it more like why scar tissue can itch & ache in cold weather- it is different for bones.

Answer #5

I broke part of my wrist bone I get what you’re saying! Thanks!

Answer #6

its the metal in whatever bone you broke expanding and shrinking just a little bit back and forth hot and cold thats what it does in my hand

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