How do I get rid of cold sores?

how do I get rid of coldd sores in a few days?? ugh I hate that I always get them after being sickk they are so… fhsjfhsdfhds. helpp =[

Answer #1

lol thats so weirdd I was using the neutrogena stuff too omgg lol anyways thanks for the advicee <3

Answer #2

oh gosh I know…ha I was just thinking about postin a question like this… I have one…and its almost gone…but I want it ALL THE WAY GONE! bah…oh well. I was using that rapid clear stuff by neutrogena…acne eliminating spot gel…I guess I kinda helped…

if ya want somethin to “kinda” help.,…try that…


Answer #3

you can buy like a special cold soer cream that looks just like chap stick..I think it works great but I dont know for sure how long it will take but its worth a try..

Answer #4

Campho-Phenique treats cold sores and relieves pain. Comes in a “chap-stick” like container.

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