here in usa how much is a euro coin worth?

here in usa how much is a euro coin worth? year: 2002 much: 1 dollar I think place: euro

Answer #1

As I replied to you elsewhere just now, a numismatist (coin specialist) is the person to contact for rates on coins.

If, however, it is a coin that is still in use (as Euros certainly are),you can check at which gives you the latest rates for masses of different currencies.

Right now, Monday, March 2, 2009, they say

1 Euro = 1.26723 US Dollar

(Note, however, that most banks don’t take coins in exchange, only bills.)

With a Euro coins (not bills) you can tell the country where it was minted by looking at the obverse (back) side: each member-country has its own logo or pattern, with the name of the country.

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