Coffee Or Decaf???

Which Is A Better Choice..Coffee or Decaf???

Answer #1

One or two cups of regular coffee a day won’t hurt you, especially if you’re used to it and have never had any trouble.

In fact, de-caf isn’t really all that good:

  1. for one thing, no decaf is 100% caffeine-free (check the labels), and the method of getting rid of the caffiene usually involves chemicals. (Both are reasons why most LDS and Adventists do not drink coffee in any form)

  2. recent studies have shown that drinking decaf can be bad for your cholesterol levels, as well as stomach acidity and possibly osteoporosis (‘brittle bones’) and a range of other ailments.

Have a look at

It seems that non-decaf filter coffee (using paper filters, like Melitta) in reasonable amounts is the best.

Answer #2

Decaf is better that normal coffee, it contains much less caffeine (obvious). so you won’t get headaches and/or sleeplessness and all the other side effects that caffeine may cause.

Answer #3

Don’t get Cute..Im Just Asking.

Answer #4

Both depending on what your dong. I would go with dacaf cause with regular you may end up jumping around hyper.

Answer #5


Neither are good for you really. The both have negatives, just in different ways.

Answer #6

Well, it all depends on whether you want caffeine or not.

There’s a lot of controversy surrounding decaf - some people claim that caffeine is detrimental to your health, but if you ask me it’s clearly a personal choice. I would, however, avoid caffeine if the doctor suggests it.

Answer #7

The discovered that actually there are some health benefits in coffee but not in decaf.

Answer #8

OMG!!..4 Real??? oh wow…lol ;) I guess I pick coffee is a better deal than decaf…lolz.

Answer #9

I’ve been drinking one cup of coffee every morning since I was nine lol.

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