Is there a code on the sims that can decrease money?

i was wondering because i always use cheats for more money to live in mantions but its getting boring i want to play the game so that the my sims actually acomplish something then get all the nicer things. right now i just did the kaching code instead of the motherlode so i could have just enough money to survive and buy a decent hous but now that i finally have everything that i need, i wanna get rid of the extra money and have them earn it

Answer #1

HAHA Why would you need that? no i don’t think there is one i think your best shot is just to buy a whole lot of stuff =D

Answer #2

i thought about that but i bought a small house so i cant fit a lot of stuff in my house

Answer #3

hahahaha lol, do you want to lose money to make the game more challenging? i think you should just restart then and type the cheat in once only if not no times the games a lot better when your not that rich :)

Answer #4

“motherlode” gives money..on sims 2 and 3..i think

Answer #5

You could just apply a floor covering (carpet, tile, wood, etc…) to one room, then keep applying different floors over it. That will spend your money.

Then, once you get down really low in money…select the floor covering that you actually want…and apply it last. :]

Answer #6

thanx :)

Answer #7

No problem. :]

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