Does anyone play Call of Duty or Socom?

Anyone like Call of Duty and/or Socom??!! Does anyone play online?

Answer #1

yeah. cod4 online. ps3. add me TroyBoy3

Answer #2

jesus, I just got the online hookup for call of duty 4, I’ve been playing the game religiously. its awsome. my names the same as it is here

Answer #3

I play now and again! but not to often anymore cod4 was a pretty sweet game but I play zombie panic source now :P

Answer #4

^_^ would be mwuah im GBing now but add my PSN or gamertag mercurymist :D we will so game on

Answer #5

AWSUM:) I play call of duty and Socom on line!!! To bad there’s no other girls that play tho!

Answer #6

i play socom confrontation. DeeCoy313

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