how can i make my cock grow 6 inches?

Answer #1

why would you want it to be six inches bigger? Unless it gets mistaken for a clitoris or something…

Answer #2

its bcos of my girl, so any advice how? pls

Answer #3

surgery is the only way. A better thing to do would be find a girl who appreciates you the way you are

Answer #4

wat abwt pills?

Answer #5

use it regularly.

Answer #6

Exactly how big is it? If it is at least 3 inches….you are fine.

There is no reason to worry about that. Find a girl that appreciates you for who you are, and not what size you are. Believe it or not, there are girls out there that will accept a small pen!s…

The girls that make fun of it, or leave you because of it…are the wrong girls. They only want one thing, sex. That’s all they really care about. Because if they only cared about you… it wouldn’t matter if you had a pen!s or not.

Besides, girls can only feel 3 inches up in there v@gina. So, if it was was bigger, it wouldn’t make a difference.

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Answer #8

No way to make it bigger. Find a girl who likes what you have.

BTW … anybody (girl or guy) who complains about the way their partner is built (no matter what the situation) is an ass. Dump that biatch.

Answer #9


Answer #10

Learn to use what you have. Being big is not always a good thing, unless you are in the porn business. I have had a woman break up with me because it hurt when I hit her Cervix. I hit Bottom alot, some woman like it and some dont. Also, start learning how to please a woman Orally. Most woman are hard to bring to Orgasm with just intercourse. Intimacy is all about communication and selflessness and enjoying eachother.

Answer #11

Hit bottom of what? Blow-up Betty? Teehee!

Answer #12

wtff u cant man.. live with the size u got :P

Answer #13

Is that your moms name? teehee!

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Answer #16

why would you want to add 6 inches?!?! I say this to all of my guy friends and I will say it again, SIZE DOESN’T MATTER!!!! my bf is 10 inches and I hate it, it actually hurts me, I have slept with guys with small and large, it’s all about how you use it..

Answer #17

also, a womans vagina is only an average of 3 inches long.. anything longer and it could be painful, if I were you, I would dump the sex hungry bitch..

Answer #18

i think its only 4.5 inches, thanks =)

Answer #19

so whats the longest?

Answer #20

4 1/2 inches is FINE!!!!!! :O Don’t worry about it! At least it isn’t 2 inches! You are fine! :D

Answer #21

the longest what?? private message me if you are asking what I have had..

Answer #22

burn! but seriously, good sex should be intimate and you should feel like you care about each other. Obviously she is ruining the possibility of that happening if all shes thinking about is the size of your dick. Also he’s right. Learn to eat her out. Most girls appreciate that a lot.

Answer #23

Look str8 up honestly sex topics are easy I have resarced a lit cause I use tho think I had a small penis well I was wrong and whT I use to think wasn’t pleasuring because inthought inwas small was unpleasuring because i try to go to deep. There are exercises u can do to thicken and lengthen ur penis go to menshealth . Com and loom under sex advice or something lime that u will find it, it works and there are now down sides or expensive pills to take or hide from ur gf due to embarrassment so exercise it ( as shown in menshealth . Com) and don’t worry u won loose it if u don’t use it that’s bs. But you can see results in as little as three weeks!

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