Cocaine out of my system

Whats the best thing(s) to take to flush coke out of my system for an upcoming drug test I have in a week?

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if it's outside 72 hrs you'll be fine.

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The truth is that coke is out of your system in a couple of days.
Meth takes 2-4 days.
Pot takes 4 days to 2 months depending on how heavy and how often you smoke.

How long can cocaine stay in the urine?

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Don't get anymore. Lock your wallet away so you don't get tempted to use it and buy more. Don't think of it, try doing something that could mean something in the future. Try keeping yourself preoccupied in various ways like hanging out with friends, watching movies, visiting family, etc. Hopefully that works.

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hopefully you'll get caught rotten for being sooo stupid for taking it. oh and by the way nothing you can do will flush it out of your system!!!

How long will cocaine stay in your system?

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you got me. but I guess you'd be better off without the coke in your system if you don't want it to show up. are you trying to quite?

What do i use to clean urine of cocaine
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yeah nothings going to take it out of your system quickly, sorry
I used to have friends that tried everything to flush it out
one time a friend of mine took 6 aspirin before and it helped, but tried the next time and it failed
he took it a half hour before, so you could try that
water will work too because it will drain with the fluids
good luck...and you're not stupid for doing it:D

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drink a ton of water

How long does crack cocaine stay in your system?
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It takes about 2-5 days depending on how much you did and how pure it is. Just EXCERCISE (sweat it all out) a lot during the week before the test. Drink plenty of water (purified preferably) the morning of your test cranberry juice helps too. And urinate frequently before the actual test. Eat very light the day before and do not eat until the test is done with. Just stay away from drugs as much as possible give your self at least a week. And you should be good.

How long does crack cocaine stay in your urine and hair?

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if you do it every day...give yourself a few days...the truth is this...most tests don't test for cocaine...if your pissing...just drink water every hour...if it is hair...well, you don't want to work there...good luck

How to detox my body of cocaine?

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