Clown movie

What is the name of this horror movie with a killer clown that kills a girl by shocking her to death in a hot tub and was made like 15 years ago?

Answer #1

Sounds like “”IT”” is based on a stephen king book

Answer #2

I’m not sure about the clown part, but if you’re talking about the movie Valentine (mmm, David Boreanaz) where Denise Richards gets a hairdryer thrown in the hottub with her, which electrocutes her. It was made in 2002, though. The person who kills them IS wearing a mask though, so you might have confused him/her (not giving it away) with a clown if you didn’t see the whole movie.

wow, this only proves my I need to watch less movies.

Answer #3

Maybe.. “it” or “Killer clowns from outer space”

Answer #4


Answer #5

The only clown movie I can think of is “It” but I don’t know if that’s the one your talking about.

Answer #6

Is it Out Of The Dark

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