Clothes to make me Hot

What clothing should I Wear to make myself hot? (Try to make girls gaze at me)

Answer #1

Hater. :] AND AGAIN. just mad because you are ATTEMPTING to be like someone else and it is NOT working.. I guess it is back to the drawing boards, and note taking for you! Then again you are like 5… what should I expect?

Answer #2

Ok, well apparently, you care a lil too much about what other people think according to your other questions.. “girls, do you think I’m hott”, I’m not going to really answer this question.. because I think you should try to be yourself, and stop worrying about what other people think… Because at the end of the day.. your still going to be yourself, so anyways, good luck, and you should try to find your own original style. and elaborate, not taking other people’s , because this is what we call cliche’. :] ha

Answer #3

hot topic punk clothes, not baggy gothic, and dark coloured shirts. not preppy or bright AT ALL

Answer #4

wow stfu.

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