Do the classified listings in the newspaper actually work when it comes to finding a job?

I’m getting very impatient of not having a job. Is that another way to go to finding a job, does the newspaper classified section work?

Answer #1

Yes, they do. I know a lot of people who found jobs that way actually :)

Answer #2

Personally, I’ve yet to meet somebody face to face that’s gotten a job that way…at least, in the past 8 or so years. Back in college, I got a job or two that way, however now you’d have FAR more luck on craigslist, careerbuilder, etc…

also make sure that you’re networking, ask friends that have jobs if those companies are hiring, etc. Many employers try to hire friends of current emplyees, as it makes them more loyal and it’s actually a fairly good indication of somebody being a solid prospect.

Answer #3

I know a girl in my 2nd period that works for Party City, but seeing I don’t like her one bit, I’m not going to bother, you may know why.

Answer #4

Oh, from my career counseling class, people get jobs the most by internal promoting. Then from people they know (you have no idea how many job offers I have received this way). Tell people you are looking for a job. It doesnt have to be someone who is working somewhere that may have a job opening. My professor recommended me for several jobs at a place her husband is running. Were there any posted signs or ads taken out? No. The majority of jobs are never posted. Volunteer. I’ve had two job offers that way. Go door to door (aim for smaller companies, big companies will send you to human resources and good luck with that). Put your best foot forward and explain that you are looking for a job, go with a resume. If you are serious about finding a job, try reading this book ‘what color is your parachute’, it is a wealth of information.

Answer #5

When I say tell people, I mean tell teachers you get along with, tell your academic counselor, tell family friends, tell people you sort of talk to in classes. You dont have to come off as desperate but bring it up in conversation. People like to help others. You never know what you’ll find.

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