christmas decorating

How do you decorate your tree? do you put decorations that are all one color or do you just do whatever on it ? how do you decorate the outside of your house ? one color or different ? just wondering. lol

Answer #1

I do something different every year. A couple times I’ve done all white lights with silver and or gold and bursts of red… other years I’m more in the mood for lots of color BUT — if I use many colors I try to still have a theme… e.g lots of musical instruments for decorations… or for example. apples. I’m not big on bows… I like a touch of whimsy I hate it to look too planned and co-ordinated.

Outside… Ugh. involves husbands and ladders so it’s a bit tiresome. I dont like anyone else choosing colors!

Answer #2

you can do whatever you want to really a small amount of colours, 1 colour, all the colours, ect people tend to use red and green and then a few other colours as well decorate your tree however you want, with as many colours as you want use things like balls, decorations, toys, tinsil, plastic flowers, toy candy canes, fake snow,a star/angel, ect outside you can decorate too if you want to and use things like toy santas, reindeer, lights, toys that light up, ect

Answer #3

We stick to glitterey beige like colors some burgandy and gold

Answer #4

for my xmas tree I use red and gold with blue bobbles, the outside of the house should be no more than a couple of colors

Answer #5

We use all the Christmas colours when decorating to have a nice variety.

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