Q about Christmas?

What is your favorit thing about christmas

Answer #1

I like seeing the pretty lights! I liike the smell of yummy foodz and Candy Canez. I like how Christmas makes me feel magical…I love Christmas Movies and Songs:)

Answer #2

gifts..and spending time with family especially because everyone is so happy and there is not a minute in the day that you dread because its christmas :D

Answer #3

Spending time with my family. I used to like the presents part of it, but since I’ve gotten older, I’m all for spending time with the familia.

Answer #4

spending time with family and sometimes the gifts. hard to explain…I like christmas in general

Answer #5

spending time with family and friends, gifts, eating and remembering old times

Answer #6

the gifts and spending time with friends and family.

Answer #7

spending time with family. it makes me happy, brings me to my childhood. :)

Answer #8

family gifts NO SCHOOL!!!

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