Chris Brown and Rhianna

does anyone really believe that Chris Brown could hurt Rhianna in such a way?? I don’t know what to believe… I can’t imagine Chris Brown doing anything like that…

Answer #1

wow… I still like his music but im not quite sure if I like him myself anymore… I cant believe he would do anything like that… and just because he’s had a past doesnt give him any right to lay his hands on a women. or on anybody.. I would figure that everyone has had a past history and I would think that past histories depending on what they are.. would make that individiual stronger.. or to be a better person.. someone who’d learn from the past.. but dont take it out on anyone else…

Answer #2

it is true! ik I coudlnt believe it either! I still like chris he was probably under a lot of stress and pressure and thats why he did it! im sure he never wanted to do that! im sure he regrets it!! but yesh apparently he did do some serious damage to her!! but I still like his music!

Answer #3

Yes- I didn’t believe it at first until Chris Brown finally came out and talked about it, he said he’s seeking counseling and has been working close with his family and pasture to help make him a better person. He has an abusive past. Apparently Rhianna has been telling friends and family that she still loves Chris so I doubt any charges will be pressed. I still like Chris Brown though, it wasn’t a good move but at least he realizes he has a problem and is getting help for it.

Answer #4

he basicaly admited it but because of legal issues he isnt going to incriminate his self but yeah he did it and he allso said that hes is about to seek angermanagement and he also says that he is deep sorry

Answer #5

I do believe what happened, but I think it was a spur of the moment type of thing. I dont approve of what he did at all but people make mistakes and I believe he will learn from his mistake.

Answer #6

No, it’s true.

Chris Brown did in fact abuse Rihanna… He should f*ckin go to jail for that. I absolutely DO NOT like him or his music anymore.

That was a dumba*s move on his part.

Answer #7

Here’s a picture I found of it, sad really.

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