Does anyone think Chris Crocker is too obsessed with Britney?

Does anyone else feel like Chris Crocker is being a little too obsessive over Britney? I mean he posted the video of him going pratically nuts and then there was another that he posted saying that he could’nt even think of September 11th, because of what’s happening to Britney. I think that’s horrible that he cares more about Britney Spears then people that have lost their lives and loved ones, etc.

But yeah, does anyone else think this? What are your thoughts on this?

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Yeah he’s so dumb. I don’t know what’s he’s famous for just like Paris Hilton. Lol. But yeah I can’t stand that either, I don’t like how Paris is more famous than her sister and here Nikky is actually making something of herself in a good way. Clothing line, starting a family etc.

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Chris Crocker is a little “off” mentally, everyone can see that. He obviously has issues of his own to work out. And to answer your question, I think he is taking it too far with being sympathetic about Britney Spears. Honestly, I think it might be about something else entirely.

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I first saw Chris Crocker on myspace. Then I saw him on youtube with his crying jag over Britney. I don’t think Chris cares that much about Britney, but he DOES care a lot about getting attention and becoming a “star”. All the talk about him, whether it be good or bad is getting him more publicity. I hate it when a “celebrity” is just known for being famous and not for actually doing something. Let’s stop talking about him so he can disappear back into oblivion. Kay? :)

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Bad news gets more attention… Its simply the way of the media…

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…you mean INFAMOUS.

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Lol, yeah what is he a guy wanting to be a girl? I think that’s right…

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Yeah, he’s nuttier than a king-size snickers…

he, she, whatever…

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Did you even have to ask the question? haha yeah I think he is. That video! Goodness me, its WAY over the top. Crying his eyes out about her when theres so much more important stuff going on in the world.

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I ♥ Chris Crocker9exept for the part about loving britney)..he’s hilarious!

but the whole 9/11 thing went too far…britney isnt as important as people that lost their lives

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