How do you chose between which colleges you should go to?

Answer #1

It helps to know what major your going to seeing as how some colleges provide more classes and have better reputation for certain majors. Also look into things such as scholorships that they provide, dorm rooms and student living, reputations of the school and teachers, etc. It helps if you have the opportuniy to actually set up a day where you can look at the school and dorms and talk to school admins.

Answer #2

stop and ask yourself, which one are you going to benefit from more? and do they have the thing you want to major in?

Answer #3

There is this program called naviance, and it matches up colleges with you GPA, ACT score, SAT score, PSAT score, and other things. It asks you questions like, “Do you want to go to a diverse, coed, christian etc school. Or you could scheduele an appointment with your guidance counselor. Hope this helps!

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