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do you like that song?? and is it bad if I sing along to it because it says "Angels deserve to die"??

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he says he cries when angels deserve to die

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I love that song!!No its not bad to sing along to it just because of the lyrics "Angels deserve to die".

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Listen to better music

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wow I love that song its so catchy and I dont think its bad because he say "I cry when angels deserve to die"

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Yeah, love it.
Nah, not bad, but I'm pretty sure some christians will say it is, and that you will go to hell! Wahahah! Nah, just kidding =P
I kinda like that phrace... hm... a weird song actually, first it's about waking up, make up, keys or whatever, then god and angels lol

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personally ii love the song, iif you sing along 2 "Angels deserve to die" den you sing to iit, ii sing to iit as well

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They're just song lyrics. Don't worry... if someone thinks it's bad to sing it, they're an idiot :)

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I love that song and if anyone thinks it's bad to sing it... they're a f*cking idiot. They're just song lyrics... nothing is wrong with it.

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