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Imagine this situation. (All members involved are 18 or older) You're at a social gathering, there's music and people dancing. A person whom you have mutual attraction to, and you, are dancing. Some background, this person just got out of a relationship that was slightly abusive, and only wants, at this current moment in time, casual sex so they don't feel obligated to return to their previous partner. You are single, and your ex is also at this party so you don't much feel terribly good about a relationship either. Back to dancing. You and this person are dancing, you both brought friends and have switched partners amongst. There is not an even number of people to partner with so at a point you have no dance partner. At this point a slow song comes on and a person whom you find attractive and do not know, approaches you and asks you to dance. During this slow dance you two get to know each other, you very much like this person, and you feel inexplicably comfortable around them, which is only a big deal due to you and your ex, a lasting relationship, ending within the last 6 months and you feeling somewhat caustic about person of their gender. In essence this person seems amazing for you and to you. You have a choice to make, choose guaranteed casual sex but who knows from there person, or go after new amazing person. In other words, Sex, or Love. Before you answer, both persons are equally physically attractive. the first person you have known for sometime in passing I removed gender to remove gender bias. AFTER you answer read the next few lines

I chose Love. This person eventually told me that they were with someone, but only after I had opened myself to being romantically attracted to them. I chose wrong. This is also a very new account, I made it just for this question, the gender of this account may or may not reflect my own gender.