Does chocolate really give you acne?

Answer #1

No, its proven that the foods you eat doesnt give you acne. Though if you touch your face after eating chocolate or greasy foods it can give you acne from clogging your pores.

Answer #2

There is no scientific proof or evidence that it does. Studies show no clear result. I believe it’s just a myth. Some say its a rumor that the vegetable and fruit industries made up. I eat chocolate a hell lot and I don’t have acne. It’s more likely that sweating from the head would cause acne than chocolate.

Answer #3

no or i would have tons, as long as you wash your face on a daily basis you should b ok.

Answer #4

Thats a complete LIE!! Chocolates do not give you acne! they do Give you strngth and release endorphins like the feeling when your in love toh :)

Answer #5

no it does not. chocolate is actually very good for you, but like anything else but water too much is bad. From me. For I know all. Anything else? email me.

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