Chinese Money Trees

Do chinese money trees really grow real money?

Answer #1

well okay people sorry…lol

Answer #2

no , the money DOESN’T grow on trees .. duuh !

Answer #3

nope, just the stuff that they use 2 make it

Answer #4

they use money to make the tree?

Answer #5

yeah, what Jaz said:) that’s what I mean:)

Answer #6

no, money doesnt grow on trees it kind of used to back when money was made out of PAPER but its not made from plain paper anymore money doesnt just sprout from trees its just a name they add to it it doesnt mean there going to grow money it probably means its more of a good luck thing that suposedly helps your money problems though it doesnt really only you can do that its just like there cat toys that suposedly bring good luck they dont really…but if people dint beleive they did no one would buy them its just something that targets certain people and makes them feel lucky if they have it

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