Do girls like chest hair?

do girls like chest hair?

Answer #1

It really depends on the girl. As you can see some say yes, some say no. I like chest hair because it’s soft and fun to play with. And though we are all concerned with our bodies, nothing is more beautiful then self confidence gained by accepting yours the way it is.

Answer #2

I would have to say no.. but it does depend on the guy. I love my boyfriend and he has some and I really don’t care.I guess it really does show manliness (he’s 4 1/2 years older than me) so some women really like it. If it was on someone else I wouldn’t like it

Answer #3

if ur girlfrend doest mind then we are no one to comment ..but personally it is a great turn…like guys expect from girls to be with hairless body …i guess gals also like the same…but u dont have to loose confidence over this stuff…go ahead be urself and ask her if she has or dont have any problem… all the best

Answer #4

um… Depends if the person is attractive or someone you know? I mean, personally I probably rather no hair, and I don’t think many people would want to be with a fat ugly person who they dont know with chest hair. But that’s just my opinion, and i’m probably too young to be answering this anyway.

Answer #5

i would say No but if you look as all the responses you got like say if you got 15 people said yes and 7 said no they i would say most do but you check that out and theres your answer…

Answer #6

You’re 16 and should not be in direct contact of any mail hair–chest or pubis!

Answer #7

not really…we aint inda 70’s no more

Answer #8

not really…we aint inda 70’s no more

Answer #9

Many girls just love it! Some other do not.

Answer #10

Personally I don’t like chest hair. A little is fine I guess. But I just find it really irritating and it just doesn’t look clean lol

Answer #11

personally i dont but i think it depends on weather or not you are built i think guys who have big muscules shouldnt have chest hair but maybe if your not so built then it will destract the girl from the fact that your not muscular if you do have chest hair

Answer #12

No. Sorry ;l Its gross.

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