Why am I growing breasts if I'm male?

I am male and my chest is coming out like a girls breast so what should I do for it

Answer #1

If your overweight you can grow breasts. Anouther thing that can cause it is diet, if you get a lot of herbs such as fennugreek, saw palmmeno, fennel, or red clover it can cause breast growth, although in order for this to happen it takes a lot , or you could just be receptive to them.

It could also be too much soy products as these have been noted to ocasionaly cause breast growth in men.

if you take medications for psychosis, they have been known to cause breast growth for some odd reason.

Steroids as well as just too much testosterone can cause the body to convert testosterone into estrogen.

There is also the chance that you have a hormonal imbalance for other reasons.

cut back some on the exersize unless your obease, stop taking herbs if you are, don’t eat out at fast food places as much, and also be sure to talk to your doctor before it becomes noticable enough to cause embarisment.

Answer #2

Yeah, it’s a hormonal imbalance. You need to see your doctor. If you start working out, it will only make your chest muscles bigger, making your “breasts” look bigger. Only your doctor can give you good advice.

Answer #3

it probably means ur not eating healthy and ur probably gaining 2 much weight..

Answer #4

work out…or go to the doctor

Answer #5

Ummm… go to the doctor… and get a percription to raise your male hormones

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