Is it normal to bleed for so long?

Im a virgin && My Boyfriend fingered a few nights ago like on sunday && I didnt stop bleeding untill wednesday..Is that normal??

((And I've been fingered before but the first time I bled was on sunday))

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it may be one of those random girl things. I think you will be fine but if your worried go see a doctor. glad he washes his hands. it might kill the mood but at least you wont have germs up there. xx

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He washed his hands && my period ended about two weeks before that

Is it normal to bleed from being fingered?
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was your period due at that time ? maybe he did pop your cherry! its diferent for every woman the cherry popping thing but there are sites online that you should be able to go onto to get answers. the last answer is right make him wash his hands before they go down town.

Is bleeding normal after being fingered?
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That could be a possiblity ot you could have just torn your hymen, it is normal.. for some people, but not all, if bleeding persists, seek medical attention, but apparently things seem to be just fine, good luck! :]

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He may have torn a membrane. It will may heal in about a week. Take a warm salt bath.
And stay away from boys fingers they hold germs that can give woman bacteria infections.

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