Cheerleading a sport?

Do you think cheerleading is a sport? I personally do b/c its a lot of hard work!

Answer #1

YES it is [:

Answer #2

yeah, I consider cheerleading a sport. ^_^

Answer #3

ok listen up! CHEERLEADING IS A SPORT NO MATTER IF IT IS COMPETITION OR SIDELINE! So loulou11, sorry you are wrong! do you know how many summer practices my squad has? do you know how many hours we put into our goody bags, signs, dances, cheers, tumbling,ect! I cant even list all the things we do we practice more than our football team!

Answer #4

Yeah it is! Whenit first started, it wasnt intended to be a sport, but now-a-days it meets all sport criteria, I mean practices, competitions, and its harder than A LOT of other sports! its definetly without a doubt 100% a sport! lol

Answer #5

It depends what kind of cheerleading to me. Competitive cheerleading- yes most definitely, I was a competitive cheerleader for 4 years, it’s hard. cheerleading just for school football/basketball games eh I wouldn’t really call that a sport.

A lot of people do underestimate cheerleading. To know how hard it actual is and what it really takes, you have to be one.

Answer #6

its hard! you have to stand there looking all pretty, faking like its easy but its not its a tough sport!

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