Cheer Tryout Help!!!

Does anyone know what they make you do at cheer tryouts? I need help . Thank You!!!

Answer #1

at most cheerleading tryouts you do a dance a cheer a chant jumps and gymnastic skills

Answer #2

ok ill tell u!! you walk out there and you cheer say like go cats are whatever your team name is then you do a cartwheel then you stop then you do a roundoff then go out to the middle infront of judges then you do a leg extention then a toe touch and a herkey and then your choice jump you take a breath then do a split take a breath do the cheer they teach you then you show spirit while your leavin the room thats is all to it!! hoped I helped :)

Answer #3

Sadly all the tryouts are different. I went to one school where they required only Splits , Jumps, Cheer, Tryout chant and cheer (made by the coaches) and then our own stunt This was the same for MS and HS

at my new school I was trying for Varsity as a freshman and I was 1 point off. so I dont know. But they looked for splits, leg extentions, your own chant, Tryout Cheer and chant (made by the coaches) Also a Dance routine. and then we had the chance to tumble for extra points.

Answer #4

yess!!! they usully always make you do jumps like a toe-touch, Hurkey, and hurdler. Also they make you do a couple cheers and sometimes a dance, but atmy school the captains teach us them. And some let you do extras it doesnt have to be a flip it could be a jump, but just smile and try your best most importantly…GOOD LUCK!!!:)

Answer #5

yes. nothing too hard. or even hard at all. just some basic cheers. & if your able to do acrobats. then they may have you show them what you can do. but just some cheers at the veryy least.

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