Cheek glued to braces ?

I just got my braces on 2 days ago . && my back 2 molars dont have brackets on them but they have these metal things that wrap all the way around the tooth that they glued in && it feels like my cheek got glued to it. I can feel it like stuck but im not sure if that can actually happen and it hurts liekk a bitc** so I cant rip it out && im not sure what to do .

Has this happened to anyone before ?

Answer #1

Hopefully, the glue if it is stuck to your cheek will dissolve. If not, DO NOT TRY TO PULL IT! It could cause your cheek to bleed and even damage your braces. If it does not get better, I would try to schedule an appointment with your orthodontist.

Answer #2

I got mine on about a month ago and I had to have teeth pulled before so I have a space inbetween my back molar and the other teeth. so my wires only go to the like 4th tooth. but my stepsister had bands on her teeth and my stepmom is an assistant to an orthodontist and the best thing to do in a situation where you think something is wrong of your broke something is to call the orthodontist and ask them and if they think its something major, they will get you in asap. so just call your ortho.

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