Is helping someone cheat the same as cheating?

so if you help someone cheat? is that the same as cheating?? I want your feelings onthis

Answer #1

yes it is the same as cheating you helped the person and you know what he or she was doing its not right to cheat if you cheat your hurting yourself as well as the one your cheating on

Answer #2

I think the person who is helping the person cheat… the “mistress” or whatever you want to call it… is just as guilty as the cheater.. if they have knowledge of the cheater being in another relationship…

I think heartless people cheat.. and heartless person help or encourage the cheating. All I can say.. is that it will come back on them.. karma happens.. what goes around comes around

Answer #3

If you are AWARE the person is cheating, and you still go along with it… then yes. And you’re a lousy human being as well.

Answer #4

well YOU are not cheating but you’re still a jackass and a moron for helping someone else cheat.

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