cheap braces

doese any one no where I can get cheap braces and whats the average cost of them

Answer #1

It depends what you need done - I’m getting mine soon and they are $5900. It sounds like a lot, and well, it is. But most places allow you to set up a payment plan that works best for you. I wish there was such thing as cheap braces, I’ve had to wait because of the price.

(That covers my braces for 2 and a half years, and my retainer)

Answer #2

um what the f*ck lol braces are free…oh wait are u in america? health care is free in england umm how about insurance you should apply for it you dont want bad braces they could do more harm than good

Answer #3

well I dont think you could get cheap braces… like the only way they could be cheap is if your mom/dad got insurance and the braces still would cost a lot…like between 2,000 dollars or 3,000 without insurance would cost about 5,000 dollars or more

Answer #4

I can tell you how to save $1000-$2000 on the cost of your braces but you will have to PM or email me, because of TOS I can not give you the info here directly.

Answer #5

what??? its free in england??? aghh lucky!

Answer #6

well its not easy to get cheap braces. mine were about 5000 dollars. I dont know how much cheaper they get.

Answer #7

well im moving england lol

Answer #8

well I have braces and I fdont think it is possible to get cheep braces if you have insurance that covers orthodontist then I will be cheeper I know that my braces cost like 4,000 dollars but I also have the newest kind of braces sooo I dont know but depending where yuou live if you live in crystal lake try hoffman orthodontist kk.

Answer #9

I think if your under the age of 16, there free I got mine for free. but im not sure how much there`ll cost if your over 16.

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