Which character would you rather have as a pet...Chucky, Snuggles, SpongeBob, or Barney?

Chucky - Childs Play Series. Snuggles - Fabric Softener Commercial. SpongeBob - SpongeBobSquarePants Barney - Barney and Friends.

I would personally want Chucky, from the Child’s Play series, as a pet. He is so cute! ♥

Answer #1

SpongeBob!! He’s adorable!!

Answer #2

spongebob he won’t try to kill you.

Answer #3

Chucky? But he’s a killer doll and scary as hell lol. I’d choose Snuggles since he looks like he’d be cute to cuddle with

Answer #4

I know right I don’t play about that don’t know if it could be real.

Answer #5

Omg who would want Chucky?! Hes a creepy bastard :S anyone who wants him is INSANE & has problems :S

Spongebob <3

Answer #6

Yeah I think she has a death wish of some sort lol

Answer #7

Gee, thanks Irene. :D lol. I am not insane. D:

Answer #8

Have you seen Chucky’s eyes, and his adorable smile? ♥

Answer #9

i want elmo :D


Answer #10

too busy looking that the scares

Answer #11

That’s the eyes and smile of a killer. Have you seen Bride of Chucky? Omg he was hideous. But hey if you want to cuddle next to something that could kill you at any second, fine by me lol

Answer #12

I like Snuggles, fluffy. :)

Answer #13

him and his family.

Answer #14


Answer #15

I second Elmo!

Answer #16

I have seen every Chucky movie. I love him so much. I would gladly let him sleep in my bed…he wouldn’t hurt me, because I would protect him! ^_^

Answer #17

Yeah keep dreaming

Answer #18

He needs someone to protect him from all those mean people trying to k!ll him for what he’s done! D:

Answer #19

Jeez it makes me think you’d really protect killers in real life and it gets me scared lol

Answer #20

i want chucky cus he’ll wipe the floor with your n00b choices

Answer #21

he is right he won’t kill you if you protect him.

Answer #22

No, I would protect k!llers in real life. I don’t believe in k!lling, I think it’s wrong. But Chucky is cute. :)

Answer #23

Yay! :D

Answer #24

its true its true.. i mean lets ask teh chuck…

snuggles = ill stick the lil prick in the dryer and watch him spin to death.

spongebob = ill light a match on his arse and watch the gritter burn.

barney = well, barney, ill just a kick to death

child play 3 quote: ‘dont f**k with the chuck!’

Answer #25

So if there was a really cute guy but he was a serial killer you’d make an exception just cause he’s cute? Wow just wow lol

Answer #26

I’d say chucky, he seems like a good one to have on your side haha.

Answer #27


Answer #28

Finally someone understands my point!

Answer #29

No, that’s totally different.

Answer #30

Chucky is a doll, chill. I want him like a baby, he would make a cute baby! ^_^ (good thing my bf has red hair, I might just get a chucky one day!)

Answer #31


Answer #32

spongebob ;)

Answer #33

Chucky and Spongebob! i luv them both!

Answer #34

chucky is zo snuggly….i would just cuddle him to death at night!!

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