Brother with cerebral palsy

My little brother is a spoiled little brat with Cerebral Palsy. He never gets off the computer, he always plays runescape. I'm trying to figure out something that he can do besides sit on the computer. He is very short tempered and gets mad when he cann't do something. He is 12 and I was wondering if there is anything anyone can think of for him to do. Thank you.
Plus he doesn't have many friends.

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He likes video games, but Joey, my other brother, always kicks him off. I want him to get off the computer and games, and actually do something.

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you should try to trick him into doing your chores for you. "I bet you can't wash as many dishes as I can. Oh man, you beat me AGAIN!!" hey, it could work...

Cerebral Palsy

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First of all I don't think calling him a ' spoiled little brat with Cerebral Palsy ' is very nice at all !!!

Card games
Board games
Go to the park
Coloring books
Just get creative

Why don't you try and play some games with him? You never know, being your little brother he may like to play games with his big sister.

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Well, your brother has a special need.
Well, maybe you can take him to the park, play board games, if he likes sports, maybe have him play basket ball, go swimming, hang out at the beach, go tubing, boating, go for walks, or whatever your parents do, have him go with them.
People with this kind of disability and condition are treated differently. He has allot of special needs and, I'm hoping that your family is putting him through special classes. You know, they do have camps for kids with special needs.
Maybe you should look into that. Have your mother check into that.

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I've tried that, but he got pissed that he was losing, So something with less competition would be better.

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Thank you for understanding.

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Naturally, people are going to respond negatively to calling someone disabled something bad, but I understand what you are trying to say. If he has such a bad attitude, maybe you could figure out why, instead of making things worse by being mean. Everyone has their hobbies. He likes to play on the computer. Maybe you could get him interested in video games (away from the computer). Then you can play too. It would give him some common ground with some of his peers too, so maybe he wouldn't feel as out of place. He probably just wants to be a regular kid. Treat him as such, but don't forget that no matter his attitude, his outlook on life will always be more difficult than yours. Cherish the time you have with him now.

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Bravo nerd!!...a very compassionate and understanding answer...

I can tell you love your brother...that even tho he's a spoiled brat (disabled people are human, just like everyone else) still want him to find more to do in his life, than sit at a computer screen.

As nerd said...keep in mind that he's probably missing out on being just like his peers...and at 12, that is probably very painful. Keep inviting him to play games with you...asking him if he wants to do things with you. Staying upbeat and compassionate with him, even tho his attitude stinks right now. won't stink forever.


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I hears a picture of my siblings. He is fine, he is the one with the short blonde hair (not the girl).

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he can run and play he just don't have any friends.

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since he can't run and play like you, let the poor boy play runescape! GEEZ!

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I think you are a bit mean..Try to get him on chess..

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I agree with xxjamoxx ...

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Well, He thinks he can be mean to anyone and get away with it because he's "special" and he's really mean to me and I get very mad when he gets like that.

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