Answer #1

He was born in century 0, i think

Answer #2

Christ was born at the begining of christian era

Answer #3

Actually, there is no EXACT date for the birth of Christ (as no official date has ever been listed). What I can tell you is that some of the Catholic religion believe he was born sometime between 5 BC and 10 BC. To narrow it down a little they really estimate at 7 BC. However there is no proof that this is actually correct as there are no records besides the bible (where the info is pulled to come up with this estimated century date) Many people believe that this is the 2000th anniversary of Christ’s birth.

Answer #4

He was born in the “First Century BC”

Answer #5

he was born bout 60 years bc

Answer #6

-5 centurry

Answer #7

The Gospel accounts of Luke and Matthew (which are not contemporary) place the birth of Jesus during the reign of Herod the Great, who died in 4 BC. But Luke also places the birth of Jesus during the census of Judaea, which happened several years after Herod’s death. Since we have no contemporary record or any evidence whatsoever of Jesus birth, nobody really knows when he is born. Scholars roughly place it between 7 and 2 BC, although this really isn’t based on anything solid.

Answer #8

Sometimes I read the answers just to have a chuckle. Do I have an answer? No. But it’s usually amusing to see what people are thinking. It’s not a put down, because we all have different levels of knowledge and none of us is perfect, but some perspectives are quirky. Geez, I sound like a geezer, oh wait, I’m over 20, I am a geezer. I guess my question is, why is the question asked? Will knowing it change anything? You either believe or you don’t, imo, and some specifics about the whole thing really don’t matter.

Unless it’s a bet and money is involved in which case I putting my money on 1 AD.

Answer #9

the bible states that Jesus got baptized at the 15th. year of the ruling of Tiberius Ceaser wich according to history was 29 C.E. Then Jesus was 30 years old according to Luke, so he was born arround the year 1 before C.E. There is further proof about that. Would you like to know it?

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