Censored Songs?

If we have freedom of speech, why are songs censored?

Answer #1

Because people are fcking idiots. I absolutely HATE it when people edit music OR TV/Movies! It ruins the song/movie/tv show! Seriously, if you find it so “offencive” why the fck are you listening to it or watching it?! I think that NOTHING should be edited or censored EVER. If you don’t like it, tough fcking sht… just don’t listen to it or watch it. Songs should be played HOW THE ARTIST WROTE THEM… not how some f*cktard wants them to sound. Same goes for TV shows/movies, the person who made the show/movie picks the lines, NOT YOU! Don’t like it? Tough!

Answer #2

in my mind, it has nothing to do with the freedom of speech- they are still saying the word, and not getting arrested for it, right? So they DO have that freedom. Its just that parents should also have the right to not listen to their young children swear, so there are uncensored and censored versions of songs. Its just so that when they play that song on the radio, it doesn’t offend anyone. Because that is included in the first ammendment, too.

Answer #3

there ar uncencored versions and anywayz what it a 5 yr old kids statrs listening to the radio and it is a song w/ a aware every second

Answer #4

One of many disappearing rights will continue unless the people wake up and vote the crooks and socialists out.

Answer #5

Wow… nice rant there a7x! lol But hey, I don’t blame you… you are very very right. I find it rather uncalled for when people censor things… some stuff it’s just ridiculous and SHOULDN’T be censored… honestly… instead of making a big fuss over nothing, if you don’t like it… don’t listen to it or watch it.

Answer #6

Censoring largely depends on when and where the songs will be heard. If it’s commercial radio or one that the general public will hear, it will most definitely be censored to protect the children who might hear it. Why protect the children, you ask? Because there are ultra-sensitive parents out there who are over-protective of their children who may sue someone over it. Hence, in most times the government is over-protective and super strict because of regular people like you and I who may take offense to something. For some reason, people like to point fingers instead of taking the blame sometimes.

Answer #7

I agree with mysterywolf. Songs that play on the radio should be censored, because you could accidentally stumble across a song, hear something that offends you, and what then? It could end up with lots of people/companies getting sued. Once again, that’s why you are able to purchase both the ‘radio edit’ or ‘clean’ versions of the songs, and the actual song. As far as TV goes, television needs to be censored so that children aren’t exposed to things they shouldn’t be, and there is no way to control what someone watches on tv. Whereas in movie theaters, they can say “you need to be a certain age or with a parent to see this movie.” you know? Its stupid, but until your 18 you really don’t have any rights, and your parents get to decide for you what is good for you and what isn’t. After giving birth to and taking care of a child, the parent has the right to raise them how they please, as long as it doesn’t endanger the child. So like mysterywolf said, it really depends on the venue in which it will be seen/heard.

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