When did you get a cell phone?

l am so bored so l am asking this question for the heck of it. What age did you get your cell phone? I got mine when l turned 10.

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you guys are all lucky
I got mine when I turned 15!

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Wow...I refuse to buy my kid a cell at 10. Who the hell are they going to call? That's ridiculous.

Am I the only one who thinks that?

(I got mine at 16, which was 8 years ago. Before that, people used pagers. I got my pager at 13, it was cool at the time).

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10. haha, looks like everyone got there's when theyy were ten! actually I got mine like, 2 weeks before my birthday, so I was technically 9, but whatever.

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Same hea.
And kids are getting them younger and youngerrr.

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I had a cell ph when I was 13... I only had it for couple months tho...-_-...I dont have one currently

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dont have one. but if I had one I would make prank calls, I do that all the time yay!!!

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man people got them early haha.
I was 13.

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16 and still dont have one.

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I got mine when I was 11

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I was 11!! just when I got into 6th grade.

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Me too I got it when I was 10!

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10 also.!

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11...lol randi

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10-only because I stayed home ALL the time alone

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u guys are lucky, 13

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